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Traffic Plan

At Marquez Charter School, children and their safety come first.

Marquez has a “Traffic Plan” to keep them safe. To make the plan work, we need everyone’s cooperation.

• Parents should stay in their cars at all times.

• Children should have everything they need in hand and ready to go.

•  Aides and cones will be stationed at the lower gate to open car doors.

• Children should exit the cars when they are in one of the first four cars by the lower gate. Car doors should only be opened after the Kindergarten wall.

• Please do not pull up outside the front gate and open the car door, as that jams up the traffic.

• Do not, under any circumstances, open car doors before the teachers’ parking lot. It is very hazardous for children crossing that driveway. 

Afternoon Pickup-N-Go

Kindergarten. When school ends, the afternoon Kindergarten teachers will walk their children to the Kindergarten Pickup Area (by front gate and Kindergarten Yard Gate). Kindergarten parents in the Pickup-N-Go line move forward with the other cars and load when they move into the 

Kindergarten Pickup Area. If you want to spend some time talking to your Kindergarten teacher or other parents, however, you will need to park and walk.  Kindergarten collection vehicles must vacate the line for the rest of the school Pickup-N-Go.

Pickup-N-Go Line

The north side of Marquez Ave. will be dedicated to the Pickup-N-Go line for the 20 minutes after school ends – no parking, stopping or getting out of your car during that time. Pay attention and move forward when there is progress to give those behind you hope. 

The Pickup-N-Go line starts at the Lower Yard entrance. As the line forms, please keep the crosswalk and Teacher’s Parking Lot driveway clear!  When the school bell rings, the children will walk down to the Lower Yard waiting area. One traffic aide on the curb will radio ahead the names of the cars in line. Another traffic aide on Lower Yard will yell out the names on a bullhorn. Like your children, the Traffic Aides take a moment to get to the lower yard.  Please be patient. Remind your child to listen for their name.  If you know they take a while to walk down, don’t get into the lane early as you will be asked to loop round via Sunset Blvd to the start of the 

Pickup-N-Go lane to keep the lane flowing. When your child arrives, load as quickly as possible and exit safely.  Self pickup resumes 20 minutes after school ends.

The Later the Better. The first set of kids will be called five minutes after the bell rings. If your child can’t get down to the Lower Yard waiting area that quickly, you may want to get in the 

Pickup-N-Go line 10 or 15 minutes after the bell rings.

Park and Walk Children who walk home won’t be impacted. They’ll simply tell the staff member at the Front Entrance or Lower Yard Gate that they’re walking home or meeting their parents at Ronnie’s, on Edgar or wherever as your family agrees. Parents who park and walk in may meet their children in the Cafeteria Area or down on the Lower Yard. Have your child wait in the same place every day to avoid confusion. Better yet, if you meet your child on the Lower Yard every day, s/he can get in some quality supervised free play time, and you can still use the Pickup-N-Go line on a day you need a quick pickup.

Others Picking Up Your Child. If someone else picks up your child, please go over the Traffic Plan with them.

Pickup-N-Go Line Tips:

Come about 10 or 15 minutes after the bell rings to give your child time to walk down to the lower yard.

Don’t park in alongside the school –  you’ll get a ticket between 1:30 and 4pm! Parked cars are the no1 reason PickUp-N-Go slows down.

Look out for children crossing at the Crosswalk.

Don’t block the Teacher’s Parking Lot driveway.

Don’t cut in the Pickup-N-Go Line.

Obey the no Left Turns or U Turn signs on Marquez Avenue.

On-Street Parking

There is plenty of parking on the surrounding streets — Do not park, pickup or drop off in the Teachers’ Parking Lot, not even for a couple of minutes. Pay attention to the parking signs periodically there will be parking enforcement. Also pay attention to the other traffic signs along Marquez.

Jacon Wy. (short uphill street on east side of school): all day parking on east side of street; no stopping any time on west side of street

Marquez Ter. (cul-de-sac parallel to Marquez off Jacon Way): all day parking on both sides of street

Ida St. (perpendicular to Marquez at Upper Yard): All day parking

Edgar St. (intersects Marquez at an angle to Lower Yard): All day parking

Marquez Ave. South (across from school): All day parking

Marquez Ave. North (in front of school) from Jacon Wy to Lower Yard: Look at posted signs for scheduled parking:

No Parking – Passenger loading only: 6:30 – 9:00 am and 1:30 – 4:00 pm.  If you leave your car you can be ticketed.

Traffic Plan – No parking

Kiss-N-Drop Zone: M-F 8:00 – 8:30 am

Pick-up-N-Go Line: M,W,F 2:30 – 3:30 pm and T,TH 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Two-Hour Parking – 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

Marquez Ave. North (at Lower Yard): School Bus parking only from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

We are fortunate to have so many all-day parking options. Please be extremely courteous and considerate to our resident neighbors. Do not block their driveways. Avoid turning around in driveways. Do not honk horns, discard trash, move their trash bins, or walk on lawns. Hold the noise down.

Safety Tips

Walking to School:

Parents: Choose the best route to school and walk it with your children.

Obey all traffic signals, signs, and street markings (crosswalks).

Look in all directions (left right, left, forward and behind you) before crossing.

Cross the street at a corner or crosswalk only. Do not cross mid-block.

Stay alert at all times — especially in bad weather.

Riding a bike to School:

A bike helmet must be worn at all times when bicycling. It’s school policy and California State Law.

With your parents, choose the best cycling route.

Obey all traffic signals; ride on the right – with the flow of traffic.

Children under the age of ten should always ride on the sidewalk in residential areas.

Do not ride your bike on the sidewalk in business districts. It’s against the law.

When cycling on the sidewalk, cross the street by walking your bike.

Riding a Bus to School:

Stay out of the street and don’t play around at the bus stop.

Always wait for parents on the same side of the street as the school bus drop-off area.

Follow the bus driver’s instructions when crossing the street.

Stay in your seat at all times and keep the aisle clear.

Keep head, arms, and hands inside the bus.

Riding a Car to School:

All families who drive to school are urged to form carpool to minimize the dropp-off and pick-up traffic. Please take some time to get together with those families who also live in your neighborhood to form carpools.

Every person must wear a seat belt and remain belted until exiting the vehicle. It’s the law.

Children (under 60 pounds or under 8 years of age) must be in a child restraint seat when riding in a vehicle. It’s the law.

Children under the age of 12, and children in child restraint seats should sit in the back seat when traveling in a vehicle. It’s the law.

Riding in the back of a pick-up truck is against the law.

Children must cross only at the crosswalk — not mid-block.

Make sure children enter and exit the vehicle on the passenger side — nearest to the sidewalk.

For more information on bicycle safety seminars, traffic safety rodeos and parent training programs, contact Safe Moves at (818) 908-5341 and the LAUSD Bike LA Safety training at (213) 742-8218.Type your paragraph here.

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